Video: EMS delay in shooting prompts police to use squad car as ambulance

Cleveland officers transported the victim in the backseat of their car in a split decision while waiting for an ambulance to arrive

By EMS1 Staff

CLEVELAND — Police officers who responded to a shooting made a split decision to take the victim to the hospital themselves after an ambulance delay.

FOX8 reported that officers found the shooting victim on the front porch of a home after responding to reports of gunshots. Released body cam footage shows the officers treating the 19-year-old and deciding what the next step should be.

“Radio, find out where EMS is at, if they're too far away, we're gonna throw him in our car and go. We’ve got chest wounds on front and rear. Stay awake, stay awake, stay awake,” an officer can be heard saying.

The officers decided to put him in the backseat of the squad car and transported him to the hospital themselves.

“Get him in my car. We have an open backseat. Hang with us, almost there,” an officer said.

Police said the shooting suspects, who the victim said opened fire on him after forcing him to stop his car, are still on the loose.


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