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Many EMS systems are evaluating ways to mitigate the risks of refusal in post naloxone patients
Methuen officials have budgeted to hire more EMTs and police officers with money from the Opioid Settlement Stabilization Fund
Senate Bill 186 allows the use of Opvee as overdoses in the state are rising
First responders in Oceanside faced six men down due to a drug overdose
Honolulu EMS warns personnel to be on the lookout for signs of xylazine
Hennepin EMS collaborated with addiction medicine experts to establish a treatment protocol
Xylazine, often mixed with fentanyl, has necrotizing effects that rot the skin and lead to amputations
Christopher Robert Pattinson was indicted by a grand jury last year
The Office of National Drug Control Policy is requesting $11 million to develop a strategy to tackle xylazine’s spread, which includes seeking an antidote
The Index tracks data for more than 2,600 EMS agencies across the country
FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf cited “the dire public health need” for the opioid antagonist
The mother handed the child to Boca Raton Fire Rescue paramedics, who helped him regain a faint pulse before transporting him
An influx of money is on the way, thanks to settlements with drug makers, distribution companies and pharmacies