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As the world prepares to root on their athletes at the Games, learn about these seven first responders who served their communities and represented Team USA
EMS providers need to prepare for the public attention and scrutiny of providing event medical services so they can focus on the needs of the patient
Heatstroke and COVID-19 can have similar symptoms, making the job even harder at this year’s Games, which are expected to be the most hottest and humid on record
Bonner County EMS posted a Facebook video of a crew taking “advantage of the return of winter” to honor the Olympics with an event of their own
After the camera fell 60 feet and hit two women, medical personnel quickly arrived and took them away on stretchers
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Video has surfaced of a stretcher falling out of the ambulance while carrying the French gymnast
If EMS had its own Olympic Decathlon, here’s what our events would be
The 25-year-old will provide medical support to athletes and crowds on Copacabana Beach
The vacuum-sealed units allow rescuers to safely help victims of chemical and biological attacks
Health experts say the most likely cause of death or serious harm to travelers everywhere is injuries from car accident, falls, crime or other mishaps
Matt Harman will be one of many volunteers from all over the world working the 2016 Summer Olympics.