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Research, introspection, innovation and advocacy point to the deliberate growth phase EMS is entering
Researchers published 60 peer-reviewed journal articles on survival from major trauma and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
In a memorable and entertaining presentation, Dr. Brent Myers described the top changes in EMS
Research on prehospital hemorrhage control, blood pressure management and TXA administration presented to physicians and paramedics
EMS agencies everywhere can continue learning from and apply the lessons learned during events in Ferguson, Missouri
ROC researchers and EMS study participants have made significant contributions to better care for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
The Promoting Innovation in EMS project has released a national framework with recommendations for promoting innovation in EMS for public comment
EMS physicians debunked long-held beliefs about shock positioning, IV medication administration, and pregnant patient positioning
Rebecca Bender, a trafficking victim and advocate, describes indicators for evaluating if an EMS patient is a victim of human trafficking
An expert panel at the NAEMSP pre-conference explored data, regulations, policy, financing and sustainability for EMS administrators and medical directors implementing MIH or CP programs