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NFPA: Metro chiefs rescind positions on EMS issues

Position papers on neuroprotective CPR and pre-hospital transfusion of blood products were previously endorsed at the annual NFPA Urban Fire Forum

By Bill Carey

BOSTON — In response to input from the National Association of EMS Physicians, the Urban Fire Forum has revoked its recent endorsement of two position papers regarding neuroprotective CPR and pre-hospital transfusion of blood products within the context of fire department operations.

Metro Chiefs Executive Secretary Otto Drozd said that although medical professionals played a role in crafting these papers, they acknowledge the apprehensions expressed by members of the broader medical community regarding the inclusion of terminologies like “standard of care” and other language typically associated with medical guidelines in these position papers.

“The intent was never to cause confusion but rather to provide guidance that would stimulate important discussions within the EMS community,” Drozd said in a statement released by the NFPA. “The aim of UFF Position Papers is to contribute to the ongoing dialogue between Metropolitan Fire Chiefs and their local medical directors who are the final medical authority surrounding these practices.”

Drozd also clarified that UFF Position Papers do not serve as the official stance of either the NFPA or the IAFC.