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NFPA: Metro chiefs announce positions on critical fire, EMS issues

Five position papers – focused on climate change, blood transfusions, reproductive health, mental health and CPR – were endorsed at the annual NFPA Urban Fire Forum

By Bill Carey

BOSTON — Fire chiefs from Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States endorsed five position papers addressing current and emerging issues impacting the future of fire and emergency services worldwide. The papers were endorsed during the NFPA’s annual Urban Fire Forum in September.

Considered official Urban Fire Forum-Metropolitan Fire Chiefs position papers, the documents focused on a range of topics:

NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley said in a press release: “The NFPA is proud of its longstanding support of fire departments worldwide through our Metro Chiefs Section and the Urban Fire Forum. By bringing these groups together we can help solve today’s fire and life safety challenges. We can provide essential guidance and resources to not only the large metropolitan departments but to those that may not otherwise have the capacity or capability to take such a comprehensive view of the changing fire department.”

Otto Drozd III, executive secretary of the Metro Chiefs and coordinator of the event, added: “Amidst the complexities of today’s fire and emergency services landscape, fire service leaders face a multitude of challenges that extend far beyond the boundaries of traditional emergency response. The position statements put forth this year have the potential to exert a profound influence on the future of our fire and emergency services. … The position papers endorsed by the Urban Fire Forum Chiefs offer invaluable information and resources, equipping us to effectively confront the dynamic challenges currently confronting today’s fire and emergency services.”

See the 2023 Urban Fire Forum presentations here.

The officers of the Metro Chiefs Executive Board make up the core group of the Urban Fire Forum. See the complete list of participating chiefs and presenters.

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