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Every song on our list falls within the recommended 100 to 120 bpm range to perform CPR
Check out this year’s top holiday playlist with a coronavirus twist
New songs are regularly added to the Spotify playlist to inspire, encourage and entertain EMTs and paramedics
AMR EMT Aaron Carter said his motivation stems from the work ethic demonstrated by his father in his own service as an EMT
The 74-year-old musician experienced dehydration and heat exhaustion, according to his manager
Ten people died and hundreds were injured during a massive crowd surge last year in Houston
Crews were dispatched to a Bogota hotel to treat Taylor Hawkins for chest pain
Medical examiners in Houston had to wait weeks following the Nov. 5 concert by rapper Travis Scott for additional test results before making final determinations
Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” also helped increase calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Michael Tropepe was resuscitated by paramedics after going into cardiac arrest, and spent 10 days at Orange Park Medical Center
The band was selected by the Biden Presidential Inaugural Committee to perform for the “Parade Across America”
Forsyth County EMT Steven Plante spread joy to residents and his crew with a piano rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”
“Get Your Mask On,” which parodies “Get Your Shine On” by Florida Georgia Line, was written by Naperville Firefighter-Paramedic Billy Croft to lift spirits and promote healthy habits
Paramedic Nicholas Hennink, who was named Canada’s 2020 Paramedic of the Year, opened up about his struggle with PTSD and addiction
Acadian Ambulance Paramedic Jamie Bergeron, who is also a popular Cajun musician, has apologized for posts that reference hitting protesters with vehicles
The law firm shared a video of co-founder Doug Wolfberg performing lyrics inspired by the work of EMS and healthcare personnel in the COVID-19 pandemic
The “First Responder Fridays” benefit will be streamed on YouTube and broadcast on iHeartRadio stations nationwide for four weeks
The special music event will be broadcast Sunday night as a tribute to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic
Paramedic Farooq Muhammad said he took inspiration from the resilience of EMS providers through crises including the COVID-19 pandemic
Andy Graves wrote and released the song to help him cope with the trauma of responding to the crash that killed 156 people
EMS agencies across the nation submitted educational music videos that featured a song that can help bystanders maintain the ideal rate for chest compressions
The unnamed paramedic was suspended for failing to take off his uniform and dancing at the Defqon 1 music festival in Sydney, Australia
What tunes will you be playing as you prepare to transport ghouls, ghosts or goblins?
The paramedic said he sings for patients while transporting them in the ambulance
Gina Miller co-wrote a tribute single, Tree of Life, to acknowledge the unsung heroes of EMS who died in the line of duty
Listen to and save Johnny and Roy’s playlist on Spotify, created by EMS attorney Doug Wolfberg, so you can listen to it whenever you like
The video for Chris Stapleton’s song “Fire Away” includes footage of Sumner County first responders and is meant to draw attention to mental health issues