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NY bridge renamed, dedicated in honor of firefighter-EMT who died from COVID-19

The Firefighter-EMT Michael J. Field Memorial Bridge on Long Island was dedicated in a ceremony on Saturday


By Laura French

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. — A bridge in New York has been renamed and dedicated in honor of a firefighter-EMT and 9/11 responder who died due to COVID-19.

Valley Stream Firefighter-EMT Michael J. Field, 59, died from the virus on April 8, 2020. The Firefighter-EMT Michael J. Field Memorial Bridge over the Southern State Parkway on Long Island was dedicated in a ceremony on Saturday, according to Newsday.

“Michael Field’s life was defined by public service and a selfless commitment to helping others, and New York will never forget his sacrifice,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement Saturday after signing the legislation to rename the bridge. “His heroism saved lives and helped New York beat back COVID-19, and the entire family of New York owes him our eternal gratitude and thanks.”

Field had served as a member of the Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department since 1987. He had also served as an EMT with the FDNY for more than 15 years, responding to the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. He is survived by his wife Stacey and three sons, who were all at the ceremony Saturday to unveil the new signs for the Firefighter-EMT Michael J. Field Memorial Bridge.

“His sons, Steven, Richard and Jason all followed their father’s footsteps and joined the Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department. Steven and Richard also followed their father and are currently EMTs with the FDNY,” the Valley Stream Volunteer Fire Department said in a statement. “The Field family thanks everyone for the love and support shown to them and the honor bestowed on Mike.”[0]=AZWHR-R4zATtBLlkSIo2C7LQeKqyIdNn4CUhuZsh7cVWNH2w2pBoGSqO2TGI5ZHOjU892jrvy5TtVeQBi-FrDlVZMRv3p-DN0z0J-7yjd2NGEY93Jz2Z1ff0sJ-A_VRvNWdDncYmvYgEMkkozmPum_0C1dgYnn4h0BrKDgkqtCZohvmFHaRPosidx5t1TjA3m2w&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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