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Line Of Duty Death

EMTs, paramedics, firefighter/medics and flight crew members who have lost their lives in the line of duty, have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their communities.

Learn more about LODDs and how to protect providers from injury and death with these resources:

Magen David Adom paramedics and EMTs are being targeted as they assist the victims of the terrorist attack
The museum is honoring the anniversary of Sept. 11 with a new exhibit, “Recovery and Reflection, Celebrating the 9/11 Tribute”
Participants in the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride honor the fallen and support their loved ones
EMT Frederick D. Whiteside, 43, was a veteran of 22 years at the FDNY
A Victorious Care Ambulance crew and a pickup truck driver were killed in a head-on crash
A Jet Rescue air ambulance went down in a wooded area south of Mexico City
Whitesburg Fire Department Assistant Chief Joe Back suffered a heart attack during an EMS call
Broward County firefighter-paramedic Mikael Chaguaceda and the pilot were able to climb out of the burning chopper and onto the roof of the apartment building
“Terry loved what he did and he knew the risks, but, he did it anyway,” Battalion Chief Terryson Jackson’s brother, Sergeant Cleavone Brooks said
Peter Zisopoulos repeatedly stabbed Lt. Alison Russo-Elling as she walked from her station to a deli
The exact cause of the crash is unknown, but the helicopter fell out of the sky after an in-flight fire, killing a Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue captain and civilian
Broward County Fire-Rescue Capt. Terryson Jackson, 49, was on board and died following the crash, as well as a female on the ground
Starke County Paramedic Michael Wilcox was killed in an ambulance crash and rollover
The National EMS Memorial Service stopped in North Huntingdon to remember fallen EMTs, paramedics
59 EMS responders and their families will be recognized during a 3-day event in Arlington