Understanding passive, aggressive and assertive people

In a crossover post, Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Denise Dudley joins host Chris Cebollero to discuss corrective feedback for managing different personality types

EMS graduates can climb the career ladder quickly, arriving in leadership positions with minimal life or professional experience, and even less management training. Supervision is as different from clinical medicine as auto repair is from plumbing. Even a smart, motivated individual will need additional skill sets to succeed in the new role.

In this special coverage series, learn how to equip field supervisors with the skills they need to be effective in their roles.

This is a special edition of the Inside EMS Podcast – enjoy a crossover post from Chris Cebollero's Ultimate Leadership Podcast with guest Behavioral Psychologist, Dr. Denise Dudley.

In EMS, we are always coming across different personalities both in the office and in the field. These tips that Dr. Dudley shares will share how to understand passive, aggressive and assertive personalities and how to nip communication challenges in the bud. This show really outlines the information needed to interact with these three personalities. This is a must-listen show.

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