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EMS graduates can climb the career ladder quickly, arriving in leadership positions with minimal life or professional experience, and even less management training. Supervision is as different from clinical medicine as auto repair is from plumbing. Even a smart, motivated individual will need additional skill sets to succeed in the new role.

In an already stressful profession, being unprepared to lead and manage other EMS providers through the daily challenges and conflicts that arise adds additional pressure. In fact, EMS field supervisors reported the highest rates of burnout of all positions in the 2020 EMS Trend Report.

In this special coverage series, learn how to equip field supervisors with the skills they need to be effective in their roles.

Personnel feel unrecognized, many do not trust agency leaders and few are willing to recommend their career to others. How can we fix this?
In this episode, our co-hosts discuss an article from Andrea Abbas on five flaws that trip leaders up and cause a disconnect with field crews
Learning to coach yourself and create habits for success are critical early steps so you can better manage your members
5 ways to motivate the unmotivated, and to help those floundering to flourish
Linking field providers to organization vision by involving field supervisors in decision making and administrative training
Influence growth where you are able, while defining your own success
On and off-the-record training to teach new leaders how to achieve change, and that in some cases, failure is “OK”
You have a key role here, Chief, in promoting the next generation of leaders to enforce the rules you have put in place
Limit turnover and improve a toxic culture by investing in leadership development
In a crossover post, Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Denise Dudley joins host Chris Cebollero to discuss corrective feedback for managing different personality types
Learn tips for overcoming imposter syndrome, leading with conviction and setting boundaries from three rising EMS leaders
Leadership involves techniques that direct the energies and abilities of a group toward the common accomplishments and planned objectives of the organization