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Always keep the patient’s context in mind in any situation when you’re utilizing waveform capnography
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After “numerous poor decisions” and a lengthy rescue, Cole Matthes drove himself to the hospital
Monica Laso yelled for help but no one heard her
Search and rescue team members in Killington hiked five miles to find the lost individuals
Austin -Travis County EMS personnel treated the man, and 17 others for hypothermia
Kansas City first responders received nearly 70 calls for hypothermia-related issues
The person who was killed was a guest at the resort and from out of town; two others were caught in the slide and extracted from the snow without injuries
First responders were called out to rescue anglers after an ice chunk broke off from the bank of the Upper Red Lake
Rescuers in Chaffee County were sent to rescue an ill-prepared hiker trapped by a snowstorm
Lockport fire officials release new details of the rescue effort following a tour boat’s capsize
Two children were treated for hypothermia after the family’s kayaks capsized in choppy water
Divers performed a grid search to locate the man on the floor of the bay
The patient was hoisted to a helicopter despite high winds
A helicopter crew grabbed the man, hoisted him up and transported him to a hospital
Two teens were hospitalized after the 16-year-old attempted to rescue her 17-year-old friend who was pulled under by a current near a waterfall
The hypothermic and dehydrated patient was transported by helicopter to where EMS providers could treat him
Following the dramatic rescue, paramedics treated the two patients for hypothermia
The victims, according to police, were stuck in waist-deep mud and were exhausted
Officials said the woman brandished two steak knives and threatened to kill the rescuers
The man couldn’t reach his phone after becoming stuck in the freezing water
Hypothermic patients, multi-systems trauma and slippery scenes present difficult decision-making challenges for rescuers
Exploring the medication and treatments that allow for the best translation of paramedic skill and experience from adult OHCA care to pediatric OHCA
Kasey Brislane, 13, says her heightened sense of hearing enabled her to notice her neighbor’s cries for help
Triage burn victims for inhalation injury and fluid administration by putting these four pieces of the puzzle together
Former Detroit Paramedic Michael Hood used the rescue as an opportunity to remind parents to teach their kids about the dangers of icy water
HCMC in Minneapolis and Regions Hospital in St. Paul have emerged as pioneers in frostbite treatment and earned national recognition for their work