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Heavy Rescue

First responders went beyond the call of duty, pulling animals from sinkholes, frozen ponds and bear dens
A carnival crisis, cliffhangers, underground escapes and fiery extractions: First responders answered the call in 2023
A Maryland Go-Team member shares his knowledge and passion with others
CHS EMS transported 5 patients, including an infant, for non-life threatening injuries
Birmingham firefighters worked to rescue the driver from under the beam, estimated to weigh 60,000 pounds
What to expect as task forces deploy to hurricane ravaged areas
The Madison Fire Department’s Heavy Urban Rescue Team assisted the DeForest Fire Department and Sun Prairie EMS
The truck was lifted by the town’s rescue engine and the patient was freed within 10 minutes of the first responders’ arrival
Detailing the US&R system in Florida, challenges faced by SAR crews, and lessons learned from the catastrophic incident
Eric Jabbusch, 51, was rescued after being pinned beneath about 10,000 pounds of steel sheet pilings in July 2020
Surfside condo collapse search concludes after a month of work with 97 individuals confirmed dead
A cop, an EMT and two corrections officers – one of whom is also a firefighter – were on the right road at the right time
The crew was given a key to the county and made honorary commanders of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department
Several theme park accidents have occurred in the last several weeks, some of them fatal
A Gaffney City firefighter was airlifted to the hospital and is recovering
Racine’s Steve Leger was air lifted to a nearby hospital, where he remains
Rescue workers and families mourn together, honoring those lost in the condo collapse
Multiple departments were recognized for saving Sean Watson, a mostly nonverbal child, trapped inside a burning home
Lower Merion Twp. crews spent 3 hours at the scene; an independent investigation will be conducted to find the cause
The 7-year-old was found late Thursday as crews searched through debris
Rescue workers search for victims in their backyards and are seeking treatment themselves, for blisters, foot injuries, heat exhaustion and fatigue
DC Fire & EMS firefighters used saws and other equipment to cut through wood and other debris that trapped the man for more than 90 minutes
The all-hands-on-deck incident required the Billings Fire Department crew to build a wooden box to assist in the rescue
Rescue workers continue scouring the mountain of debris with trained dogs and sonar, searching for any survivors
Seventeen people who came within inches of losing their lives were reunited Tuesday with the FDNY paramedics and EMTs who saved them.
Firefighters had to use hydraulic rescue tools, the Jaws of Life, to disassemble the bull and save the man
After answering a “career call,” a paramedic was surprised to learn that the woman she saved was a family member
An unstable pile of sharp steel sheets pinning a worker’s leg raised questions of field amputation and rescuer safety; here’s how we handled it
More than 170 people freed from the high rise building; as many as 124 may still be trapped