EMS World Expo Quick Take: Bouvier’s guide to household hazards

Ken Bouvier, NRP, offers the dos and don’ts to treating household hazmat scenarios and emerging threats

Test your knowledge: How much do you know about assessing and treating victims of household poison? Take the quiz and challenge your colleagues

EMS conference circuit fixture Ken Bouvier, NRP, deputy chief (retired) of New Orleans EMS, Westwego, Louisiana, was virtually on hand at EMS World Expo 2020 to tackle household hazmat incidents.

With more than 45 years of fire and EMS education, Chief Bouvier served as commander of most New Orleans major events including Mardi Gras, two Super Bowls and major hurricanes, and is the 1989 recipient of the National EMT of the Year Award, 2008 Rocco V. Morando Lifetime Achievement Award and 2019 Louisiana Bureau of EMS Lifetime Achievement Award.

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