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Fire Truck

As donated vehicles are destroyed by hostile action – more ambulances, fire trucks and SUVs are needed
FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel Sheridan shares the unforgettable close calls that have given him pause
The ERSI has already tracked 34 first responder roadway-incident deaths in 2022 and an average of two struck-by incidents daily
The Prince George’s County Fire Department firefighters were transported with minor injuries after the single-vehicle incident
The Fort Worth engine sustained minor damage and was found about two blocks away
The apparatus landed on its side after crashing during a non-emergent response
Virginia Beach provided a fire engine and an ambulance, and Chesapeake provided a fire engine to help with transports
A Stevens County Fire District 7 ambulance was rammed on the road, and District 2 reported the theft of a truck and equipment
A driver reportedly ran a red light and crashed into two vehicles and an LAFD fire truck; a 76-year-old woman was transported and later died from her injuries
Each vehicle carries an EMT and basic life support equipment
The vehicles were responding to two different calls when the crash occurred
A vehicle hit two fire trucks and then a lieutenant with Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Squad 65 who was on foot
First responders need to train for prolonged patient care for the calls when ambulances are delayed or unavailable
The engine has been in the Los Angeles County Fire Museum shop since the museum was closed for COVID-19 restrictions
A heart attack patient died and eight FDNY members were injured when the ladder truck T-boned the ambulance