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The fentanyl topic includes a variety of news, information, videos and feature articles about the growing epidemic of fentanyl addiction, withdrawl, side effects, dosage and how it’s impacting EMS agencies, personnel and leaders around the world.

Albuterol, fentanyl and naloxone injectable are among the drugs being recalled – many of which are in very short supply, with no alternate source available
Long-time paramedic hopes to educate her community on overdoses after son’s struggle
Comparing the efficacy of analgesics to reduce acute pain in the prehospital setting
BioMedical Waste Solutions encourages healthcare facilities and EMS professionals to read its comprehensive guide for assistance with the proper disposal of sharps and medical waste
Vital for swift fentanyl detection amid rising overdose risks, these kits provide rapid on-the-spot screening in diverse samples, aiding healthcare, law enforcement, and EMS
Public drug use leads to some lawmakers wanting to recriminalize small possession amounts
A surge in fentanyl deaths has become a top legislative issue in both states to
Portland saw a record number of fatalities in the homeless population due to drug overdoses
The report showed that fentanyl was found in 93% of all opioid-related overdose deaths
First responders, hazmat teams investigated suspicious envelopes at four sites across two counties
Eight patients were treated with naloxone after fire and EMS personnel were called to the North Park Blocks in Portland
Five Portland children have died due to suspected fentanyl exposure since June
The Justice Department is sending out over $3M to support mentoring for at-risk young people and increase access to naloxone.
Three other children exhibited symptoms of opioid intoxication and were treated with Narcan by first responders on scene
First responders were called to the daycare on reports of three unconscious children