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FDNY EMT killed by ambulance hijacker remembered, mourned by thousands

Yadira Arroyo was run over after a man hijacked her ambulance last week


By EMS1 Staff

NEW YORK — Thousands attended a wake for FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo, who was killed by an ambulance hijacker last week.

Arroyo, 44, was on duty when a man stole her ambulance and ran her over. She leaves behind five children, and is remembered as a matriarch throughout the department.

Friends, family and colleagues attended a wake for Arroyo Thursday, reported NBC Miami. Her funeral will be held Saturday morning.

“This is really a show of support for someone who was truly a hero,” Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said. “It is tragic, it’s hurtful, it is painful, but her life and legacy will continue to be celebrated through her sons.”

Colleagues of Arroyo, a 14-year veteran, recalled her as a devoted, confident and well-respected EMT.

“In this field, your name is your reputation. As you can see, her name, her reputation is impeccable,” David Cadogan, a colleague of Yadira, said. “I miss her. That’s one of the dynamics of this station that makes this so hard for us -- we’re literally a family.”

Jose Gonzales was arrested and charged with Arroyo’s death; his attorney claims he severely mentally ill. He is facing murder, manslaughter and robbery charges.