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Can’t make it to EMS World Expo?

Don’t worry, you can still experience elements of the show from afar


EMS1 reports annually from the EMS World Expo conference, offering takeaways from educational sessions, product announcements and updates from the Expo floor. Catch our coverage here.

This article was originally posted Oct. 10, 2022. It has been updated with new information.

Every year, EMS1 reviews the latest research, emerging techniques and newly debuted products exhibited at EMS World Expo. This year’s show will be held in New Orleans, Sept. 18-22.

These shows are bucket list events for many paramedics and EMTs. However, many will be unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts or budget constraints.

For those of you who are unable to attend EMS World Expo 2023, you can still benefit from the networking and information sharing. Here are a few ideas:

1. Look for takeaways

Presenters sometimes share clips, infographics or threads containing top takeaways from their sessions on their social media channels. Read expert analysis from educational sessions and find the latest product announcements in our EMS World coverage.


A quick search will reveal EMS World Expo hashtags. You can already see the conversation underway at #EMSWorldExpo and #EMSWorldExpo2023. Plus, check out how presenters and exhibitors are drumming up interest in the show. Some examples:

Pro tip: Not everyone remembers to use the hashtag so searching “EMS World,” “EMS World Expo” or similar keywords or presenter names will elicit posts as well.


Once you’ve identified the content you’re most interested in exploring, start seeking out similar articles and videos. EMS World Expo 2023 will feature sessions on a wide variety of topics, including pediatrics, trauma, pharmacology, mental health, recruitment and retention, and more. Search EMS1’s topic page for information on these and many other topics.

Plus, some EMS1 columnists and contributors are speaking at this year’s event. Check out their work for related educational information and follow our coverage of the show here:


Reach out to presenters whom you would have liked to see at the show, particularly if you have specific questions that you would have asked in the in-person session. Connect on LinkedIn or follow them on social media to glean information from their sessions or associated training.

Check out the full list of EMS World Expo sessions here.


Not all shows offer virtual events, so you’ll want to keep tabs on the show’s event information page to learn which events or presentations, if any, will be available to livestream – or for on-demand viewing after the show. Keep in mind that while some events may not be livestreamed, event sponsors or groups might choose to live-tweet from an event, keeping you up to date on the action.


You may not be able to make it to EMS World Expo, but can you visit exhibitors after the show? Perhaps some of the companies you wanted to visit are located closer to your department than Orlando, and it would be an easier trek to hit the road for individual visits. Remember to make appointments with these companies so they are prepared to show you the goods.

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You may not be able to attend the show this year, so start planning now for next year. Block off your calendar, ask your supervisor about the steps necessary to attend the show, and start saving those pennies. It’s always great to connect with your peers, but when that’s not in the cards, at least you have some solid strategies to stay connected and continue learning.

Kerri Hatt is editor-in-chief, EMS1, responsible for defining original editorial content, tracking industry trends, managing expert contributors and leading execution of special coverage efforts. Prior to joining Lexipol, she served as an editor for medical allied health B2B publications and communities.

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