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What do paramedics want? Examining the 2023 EMS Trend Report

Join Fitch & Associates and EMS1 to examine solutions to the stressors of EMS providers across the country


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In this year’s EMS Trend Survey, EMS1 and Fitch & Associates turned the lens towards provider stress, and uncovered alarming levels causing providers to rethink their career path, as their rapport with patients, their own relationships and their health suffer. It’s clear from the survey results and the open-ended responses that poor leadership, in the form of insufficient resourcing, resource time management and resistance to adopting new technology and models will overstress the system and the medics within it.

Join Fitch & Associates and EMS1 as we examine the 2023 EMS Trend Report and the perceptions and experiences across the country on topics like reducing stress, staffing challenges and leadership shortfalls. Download your copy of the report here and register for the webinar discussion, Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 1 p.m. CT.

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Our panel will offer analysis and tips for how to nip provider stressors at the bud and mitigate the downstream effects of understaffing.

The Pinnacle Webinar Series is produced in cooperation with Pinnacle Media Partner EMS1. Ninth Brain is Fitch & Associates’ Learning Partner.


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