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Company designs futuristic off-road rescue truck

There are no plans for production any time soon, but Polish firm 2sympleks collaborated with search and rescue teams for the design

By EMS1 Staff

WARSAW, Poland — A design firm in Poland teamed up with search and rescue teams to design a futuristic, off-road rescue truck with a retro look.

FOX News reported that the Polish industrial design firm 2sympleks created the Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle with the help of two rescue groups.

The vehicle is an extreme off-road concept that seats eight people. Its large amount of ground clearance, four-wheel steering and long travel suspensions with twin springs at each corner would allow it to maneuver through rough terrain.

The Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle would be able to drive up steep rock faces thanks to its 90-degree approach angle.

A hatchback doubles as a step to access the high cargo area, and the wide navigation system allows the driver to keep his or her eyes on whatever is ahead.

No plans are currently set for production.