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Paramedic Willie Doan Shares an urgent plea for change in a time when employee wellbeing is often sidelined in favor of productivity and profit
After an ultimatum from his wife, former Firefighter-Paramedic Jordan Long realized the toll his career was taking – and took steps to help others thrive
Mental health experts are issuing advice to coworkers and family members about the warning signs of someone struggling with the deaths
The U.S.'s suicide rate increased by 4% between 2020 and 2021 after falling for two years
The text option for 988 and the chat feature on remained functional as work was done to restore the phone service
The Saratoga County team’s goal is to help firefighters, EMS providers and police with mental health needs as soon as possible after critical incidents
“What we see in this career, the calls that we get, can take a toll on somebody’s mental health and wellness,” said Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera
988 is designed to make it easier for callers to get services offered via the traditional 10-digit National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which will still be active
The HERO Act would create peer-support programs, mental health education and a system to collect information about first responder suicides
Identify the risk factors that can diminish resilience and learn how to address six key areas of life that impact health and wellbeing
The Jessica Wright Memorial Festival in Springfield, Mass. will have booths and speakers related to mental health topics
Surgery was not the only lifeline for me after a potentially career-ending injury
Focus on the 9,000 things you can do, rather than the 1,000 you can’t and follow these tips to reduce stress
The study seeks to examine the impact of the pandemic on the prevalence of PTSD and depression in EMS providers