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Watch: Virtual play tells stories of EMS providers in pandemic

The play, based on interviews with EMS providers and other healthcare personnel, can be streamed online until August 4

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By Laura French

NEW YORK — A virtual theater production that highlights real stories of EMS providers and other healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic is available to stream online.

“The Line,” produced by The Public Theater in New York City, is based on interviews with frontline medical personnel from the city, including an EMT, paramedic, nurse, doctor, senior residential facility manager and first-year medical intern, according to WBUR. Each is portrayed by an actor telling their story through a series of monologues.

“Created from quarantine in ‘rapid response’ to this national emergency, THE LINE presents a fundamental redefinition of what it means to protect and serve, examining the fault lines in our system through the words of the brave people who show up every day to care for us all,” said Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, who wrote the script for the documentary play, in a statement.

Actor Jamey Sheridan plays a paramedic named Ed, a 26-year EMS veteran who hates being called a “hero.” Actor John Ortiz portrays an EMT, Oscar, who chose to join the field after witnessing an emergency. Each character provides a first-hand account of the experiences, interactions and emotions of frontline caregivers, whose names were changed to preserve anonymity.

The play, directed by Blank, premiered live on July 8 and will be available to stream on Youtube and The Public Theater’s website through August 4.

Watch the full documentary play below: