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Code Green Campaign

The origins of EMS Gives Life and the Code Green Campaign, and the FBHA Suicide Register
Whether physical activity, venting, or reaching out for help, find what works for your mental health
“We were her last best chance tonight, and my partner and I successfully stood in the gap between life and death”
During this week of celebrating who we are, we also need to recognize who we are not – superheroes unaffected by the events surrounding us
A first responder reflects after being involved in a fatal shooting
An EMS provider’s struggle with anxiety, sleepless nights and despair
A paramedic details how EMS providers carry the weight of difficult calls with them through their next interactions with patients and families
A first responder’s partner shares what it’s like to stay strong from the sidelines, waiting for their loved one to ask for help
After trauma images trigger nightmares, a paramedic decides to face his PTSD head on by resisting isolation
I know that tunnel seems long, dark and with no exit. Trust me, my friends, there is an exit and there is light at the end
Here are five ways EMS is leading the way and doing more to prevent death by suicide
Climate change, connectivity, value-based reimbursements will shape the coming year in EMS service and delivery
I hope to one day not be judged, blamed and made to feel less than human for something that I am truly trying my best with
Here are some things to consider about getting past the stigma of mental illness and seeking help
I have been told that I don’t have PTSD since I’ve never been threatened or witnessed these incidents in person
I come from a family that has a significant history of depression and PTSD, and I always swore it would never happen to me
This job does eat away at me every day; there have been days that the toll is taken in one fell swoop
Watch for these signs in yourself, your co-workers and try some of these tips to manage the traumatic stress of EMS work
Accurate data, specific to first responders, is critical in understanding and preventing suicide
The Godiva Chocolate program provides a $10,000 grant to the honoree’s organization
If I close my eyes, I can bring myself to that beach and remember the dog, the boyfriend, the hot sun and her blonde hair
The campaign was created to bring awareness and decrease the stigma of mental health issues first responders face
Their mission is preventing suicide and preventing providers from leaving the field due to the trauma they’ve experienced
A Texas city council called a ‘Code Green’ to raise awareness of first responder mental health issues
After nine years in fire and EMS thinking nothing could affect me, an event made me realize that I wasn’t doing that well after all
“Sometimes I hate who I am — so much so I wish for an easy escape”
More than ever before first responders are willing to talk about suicide, PTSD and mental illness in ways that support and help one another
My husband decided to seek help for his mental health, and I couldn’t be more grateful and proud