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The story of Billy Moon, a heroic fallen FDNY firefighter, and the people whose lives he has saved
Emergency services organizations are struggling to meet the escalating needs for medical supplies, equipment and vehicles
As donated vehicles are destroyed by hostile action – more ambulances, fire trucks and SUVs are needed
Bob Gross’ first trip was such a success he went back to deliver more ambulances to the front-lines
Broward County firefighter and paramedic Eric DeLotta suffered three heart attacks and faces years of rehabilitation
The ambulances were purchased at a used car lot and will be shipped, said Brock Bierman, founder of Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Central Berkeley EMT Lacey Klein’s video of Barbara Gillespie, 72, touched many after Gillespie fell near Klein’s front door while delivering pizza
Santa Ana Police Officer Scott Caceres is raising funds to help his friend Giovanni Roman with medical expenses
Florence Fire Rescue Engineer-EMT Kevin Darby and his family have received more than $3,700 in donations
Ashley Diaz spent two months in a hospital, additional surgeries lie ahead and she will need months of physical therapy
Coral Springs public safety service members have turned to therapy, peer counseling and charity work
The calendar used to be a fun event but was “not a great fundraiser in recent years,” FDNY spokeswoman Amanda Farinacci said
The Charlie Riley Community Service Scholarship Foundation has given 333 scholarships over 17 years
Sterling’s city manager is asking organizations to help fill the apparatus with trauma-related medical supplies
Naperville’s International MedTec series 4300 rig had been a reserve vehicle, was destined for Mexico, then went to a Ukrainian hospital before its current location