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Learn how leprosy presents in patients and how providers can protect themselves when treating someone suffering from the condition
Long-term care facilities are at risk of becoming hotbeds of growth for the fungus that is rapidly spreading across the United States
CDC issues Health Advisory Network Health Advisory, for healthcare workers to be aware of the Ebola outbreak
Some experts are concerned that the loss of virus information will make Americans more vulnerable
Overall deaths decreased for the first time since 2009
A second wave is possible but not expected, said Michael Osterholm with the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota
The updated schedule also describes when additional doses of the MMR vaccine or a one-time polio vaccine booster would be recommended
“It’s a mixed story” in which some things could have gone better but others went well, said Dr. Tom Frieden, a former CDC director
Disease activity remains high in many states, and a second surge is possible, experts say
The U.S.'s suicide rate increased by 4% between 2020 and 2021 after falling for two years
Much of the increase is driven by older people and those with existing health problems, CDC director says
Mpox was selected after some agencies had independently started using other names such as MPX or MPV
“COVID was the ultimate bully. It bullied every other virus for two years,” said Dr. Mark Griffiths. As COVID-19 rates go down, “they’re coming back full force”
Provisional CDC data shows a downward trend from last year’s record-high tally of more than 107,000 American losses
The CDC changed the contractors who run the National Provider Network for some 25,000 and the prescription drug benefits for the whole program