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A case study in opioid overdose complications, management strategies and provider safety
Manufactured, concocted and blended opioids require EMS training, PPE and decontamination strategies
From fentanyl, to heroin, to ketamine, to carfentanil: the drug epidemic didn’t start in the back of an ambulance
States including Arizona, Nevada, Maine, Maryland, Wisconsin and North Carolina have removed fentanyl test strips from prohibited lists
The EMS providers were transporting a patient when the driver became ill and had to be given naloxone
Jeanette Trella said symptoms exhibited by the four responders weren’t the sort typically seen in an opioid exposure
Crews were responding to a cardiac arrest call when the incident occurred
Users who inject it are in danger of overdose, but so are paramedics who inhale it or get it on their skin
The DEA says carfentanil is about 10,000 times stronger than morphine
The tranquilizer can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled and just a small amount can be lethal
China is considering other substances for sanction, including U-47700, an alternative to banned fentanyls
Officials alerted staff members last week to start wearing masks and gloves when dealing with suspected overdoses
Our co-hosts are joined by Art Hsieh to discuss an article on carfentanil exposure
Official: “It’s so potent that if we come in contact with it, we can get overdose symptoms.”
Unintended or casual exposure to carfentanil, a synthetic opioid 10,000 times more potent than morphine, can be life-threatening