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Texas community rallies around paramedic fighting rare form of cancer

Odessa firefighter/paramedic Josh White thought the pain he was experiencing was a ruptured appendix


City of Odessa, Texas/Facebook

ODESSA, Texas — A Texas community is rallying around a paramedic being treated for a rare form of cancer.

Odessa firefighter/paramedic Josh White was working at an accident when the first sign of trouble appeared, NewsWest9 reported.

“I was on the scene of a traffic accident,” White said. “We were doing some work, I started having some pain just in my right lower quadrant. I did not think anything at the time. As we finished off, we headed back to the station. I started having more pain, and with my training as a paramedic, I realized that my appendix was probably either ruptured or I was having appendicitis. I let my captain know, and at that time, they sent me home, but I drove myself to the hospital.”

After examining him, doctors told White that he had appendiceal cancer.

The diagnosis set off a two-month journey navigating the rare form of cancer that has affected other parts of his abdomen.

Seventeen businesses have donated items to a raffle to raise money for White’s medical needs and family expenses while he undergoes specific chemotherapy in Houston, KOSA reported.