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An ambulance security New Year’s resolution
“There, I said it. I do not like your pretty ambulances and I don’t think they contribute to the safety of our responders.”
HEMSI medics were inside a home treating a patient when they heard gunshots
Improved communication, ergonomics and ride lead to better patient outcomes and better working environments for paramedics and EMTs
The time has come for electric vehicles in EMS
The new ambulances, designed to be lightweight, come equipped with a powered trolley bed system and a powered carry chair for patient transport
The board’s action is intended to “revolutionize the delivery of emergency medical care and transportation in most of San Bernardino County”
ACETECH reps will be in BOOTH #26 at the Arrowhead EMS Conference & Expo in Duluth, Minnesota January 17-21
Technimount’s solutions address the needs of the industry by offering enhanced flexibility and safety during EMS and critical care transport
Demers Ambulance USA names MacQueen Emergency as an authorized dealer partner representing Demers and Crestline products throughout Iowa
Wheeled Coach is a manufacturer of Type I, Type II, Type III and Medium-Duty ambulances
St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse diverted ambulances for approximately six hours
Hamilton County EMS has reversed course on chronically low pay and made an addition to its fleet