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2016 Year in Review

As we turn the page on 2016, take a look back at some of the year’s biggest stories and issues in EMS with features from our expert columnists and multimedia lists of the year’s top moments.

A flight paramedic shares her harrowing experience of a severe allergic reaction to medication and her gratitude to the flight nurse who treated her
Our co-hosts are joined by EMS1 Editor-in-Chief Greg Friese, who reflects on the impact of 2016 on EMS
The top events and trends of 2016 will continue to shape and influence the future of EMS in 2017
Don’t see your resolution on the list? Sound off in the comments
Although the Ambulance Driver had a year he wants to forget, there are five noteworthy events in EMS propelling us into 2017
These are the videos that entertained EMS providers and the general public this year
EMS providers across the country went above and beyond for their communities — no matter how big or small the deed
Lt. Jason Adams was shot and killed on a medical call; Adams worked at the same department as his fiancée
Peter Amato fought through blankets of snow to transport a woman awaiting a kidney transplant, a gift his brother had received 18 years ago
As the students piled out of their vehicle to help, paramedic and professor David Fifer’s first worry was for their safety
My rescuers saved my life and with this action they also impacted many more people than they could have ever possibly imagined
These stories will leave you laughing, shocked and maybe a little bit of both
The opioid overdose epidemic is taking an emotional toll on EMS providers; here’s a roundup of innovations aimed at combating this issue