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12 can’t-miss EMS podcasts from 2023

Chris and Kelly tackle EMS safety, resiliency, onboarding, the duty to act and more hot topics in Inside EMS

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Check out the top Inside EMS podcasts of the year!

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In 2023, the Inside EMS podcast continued to be an essential resource for EMS professionals, offering insights, analyses and discussions on a variety of critical topics. Seasoned cohosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson have adeptly tackled subjects ranging from EMS safety and resiliency to onboarding and ethical dilemmas. Their engaging discussions provide valuable takeaways for EMTs, paramedics and EMS leaders.

These 12 standout episodes from 2023 offer a comprehensive look at the key issues facing today’s EMS community. Topics like the ethical “duty to act” in and out of uniform, strategies for supporting rural EMS, and the importance of EMT safety are explored in-depth. The list also includes a live episode featuring guests Ed Racht and Rhonda Kelly discussing responder wellness, and a critical examination of the flaws in the EMT onboarding process that contribute to staffing shortages.

These episodes represent the podcast’s commitment to addressing the most pressing concerns in EMS. From exploring new treatment protocols to discussing the impact of traumatic stress on responders, thank you for joining us Inside EMS.

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1. Chick-fil-A vs. the duty to act

Our cohosts discuss the importance of upholding the greatest standards of ethics and responsibility, even when not in the public eye

2. How can we save rural EMS?

Our cohosts discuss EMS funding, volunteerism and what’s needed to make way for growth

3. ‘Keep your heads on a swivel’

Chris and Kelly tackle public access defibrillation and EMT safety

4. ET3: Don’t let this be the final word

Turning frustration into action as the end of ET3 puts a wrench in treatment in place, alternate destinations

5. Creating and supporting resilient responders

Guests Ed Racht and Rhonda Kelly talk wellness in this LIVE episode of Inside EMS

6. Sink or swim: Flaws in the onboarding process contribute to the EMT shortage

“What we have is a shortage of people who are willing to work under horrible conditions for chump change and be unappreciated”

7. ‘Any of us can suffer': Working through post-traumatic stress

Our cohosts tackle the difficult topic of trauma and healthy ways emergency responders can cope with the sometimes overwhelming feelings

8. ‘How does this happen?’ Wolfberg and Wirth weigh in on EMT murder charges

EMS providers and leaders have a “duty to act” to ensure patients are treated with dignity and compassion

9. How best to manage the airways of patients with traumatic injuries

Louisville Metro EMS Major Chis Lokits joins to discuss the future of paramedic intubation, as well his agency’s part in the DoD’s prehospital airway clinical trial

10. Should EMS require tactical gear for providers in wake of FDNY EMT’s murder?

The stabbing death of Capt. Alison Russo-Elling brings up new fears for providers in the field and raises old questions regarding personal safety

11. Mike Touchstone on how to elevate your EMS career

In this episode, host Chris Cebollero is joined by guest host Mike Touchstone, past president of NEMSMA, to talk about the foundations of professionalism

12. Ketamine as an anxiety, depression medication?

In this episode, our co-hosts discuss a recent article discussing the pros and cons of considering ketamine as a treatment for mental health concerns

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