Top 5 EMS entertainment videos of 2015

These are the videos that entertained EMS providers and the general public this year

EMS providers and other medical or public safety personnel danced, sang and acted; sometimes to teach us something, other times to entertain us.

1. Taylor Swift parody highlights ER drug abuse
The fun song "We are never giving drugs in the ER," a parody of "We are never getting back together," points out the seriousness of nonmedical abuse of prescription drugs.

2. Hilarious PSA reminds drivers to 'pull to the right'
We love Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue's PSAs. This is the second of their "pull to the right" series, which reminds drivers what they need to do when they see an emergency vehicle approaching.

3. Medics sing 'Let it Go' in viral video
The "Ambulance Drivers," two medics who began posting Facebook videos of themselves singing in the ambulance, belt out this Disney hit.

Learn more about the singing ambulance drivers and their viral success.

4. 'Nae Nae' like a medic
EMS providers from the City of Imus in the Philippines dance to the popular song "Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae)."

5. 'Uptown Funk' music video brings together Wis. public safety
EMS, fire, police, and communication center personnel volunteered their time to create a fun video for their beloved hometown.

Learn more about the making of the video, and find out how it became a viral hit.

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