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Top 10 EMS videos of 2012

Whether it’s an act of bravery, saving a life, or even an unexpected animal bite, 2012 saw a wide range of EMS videos. Like being a paramedic or an EMT, these videos show that no day is typical, and that couldn’t be more true for 2012.

Look below for the top 10 EMS videos of 2012.

Officer saves student with defibrillator

A Wash. officer springs into action to save a student with a heart condition after he collapses in a hallway.

Dolphin bites 8-year-old girl at SeaWorld

A little girl gets an unexpected bite when she tries to feed a dolphin that accidentally bites her arm instead of the food.

SUV crashes into fire truck on live TV

While giving a live traffic report, cameras catch an SUV slamming into a fire truck leaving a crash scene.

Man sneezes so hard his head falls off

Onlookers get quite a shock when a magician sneezes so hard his head falls off!

Teen tries to jump over car, fails

Trying to impress college recruiters, a teen records himself trying to jump an oncoming car...but fails.

Arsonist sets unsuspecting man on fire

A man standing outside a store is suddenly engulfed in flames after a passing arson throws a Molotov cocktail at him.

‘Ninja’ firefighter saves suicidal teen

A Russian firefighter sneaks up on a girl threatening to jump from her balcony and kicks her to safety.

Passing motorists rescue woman and disabled sister

A group of 15-20 passing motorists — none of them first responders—make an amazing rescue.

Man sets head on fire over bet

Originally thought to have been retaliation during a fight, it turns out this man set his head on fire...just to prove he could.

Bus driver catches girl who fell 3 stories

A passing bus driver makes a daring save when he catches a little girl who was playing outside on an air condition unit.