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PTSD explained: How to recognize and cure it

- 11/24/2015

This review of PTSD discusses triggers, how the condition manifests itself and how it can be cured.

Proposal calls for EMTs to provide health care services to Montana military veterans

- 11/24/2015

Associated Press HELENA, Mont. — A 2016 ballot initiative proposal has been submitted that would allow emergency medical technicians to be licensed to provide basic health-care services ...

New stethoscope aims to expedite patient assessment

- 11/23/2015

By Kris B. Mamula Pittsburgh Post-Gazette WEXFORD, Pa. — A Wexford-based company is finding ways of improving the stethoscope, a medical mainstay for hundreds of years. In early ...

Quick take: Prehospital hemodynamic monitoring for shock

- 11/16/2015

ORLANDO, Fla. — Hemodynamic monitoring to identify and detect shock by prehospital providers is challenging because of the capabilities and limitations of various current and proposed vital ...

EMTs declare woman dead; an hour later police hear her breathing

- 11/13/2015

NEW YORK — A woman died almost 12 hours after being declared dead by EMTs who answered to a call for a person with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Diana Rodriguez, 32, was on the phone ...

How to recognize opiate withdrawal in inmates

- 11/06/2015

By Lorry Schoenly The CDC has published an alarming report showing heroin overdose deaths are sky-rocketing. Between 2010 and 2012, heroin overdose deaths have doubled in the 28 states that ...

Quiz: Test your knowledge of medical terminology

- 10/28/2015

This quiz contains medical terms taken from the Instructional Guidelines that accompany the National EMS Education Standards. Each of the terms in this quiz are found within that document and ...

Hyperthermia: EMS assessment and management

- 10/27/2015

It's the fifth day of an oppressive heat wave that has blanketed the region. With temperatures in the low 100s F and humidity above 90 percent, radio announcers urge people to remain out ...

Remember 2 Things: Stroke patient assessment and management

- 10/27/2015

Fine tune your stroke patient assessment with these tips. Remember to confirm the time when patient's mental status was normal and repeating "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" assesses much ...

Clinical solution: 25-year-old female with possible fracture

- 10/22/2015

The month of October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), which was first held in 1987 and designated by the U.S. Congress in 1989. The areas of focus for DVAM are: Mourning ...

Clinical scenario: 25-year-old female with possible fracture

- 10/22/2015

"Squad 7, respond priority 3 for a 25-year-old female. Caller states that she fell down and thinks she may have broken her wrist." You are met at the front door of the residence ...

What causes severe, unexplained tooth pain?

- 10/20/2015

I hope this answer can help other people who suffer from similar episodes. I have personally had multiple patients with these stories, and it can be debilitating and life-altering. First ...

Woman too large for ambulance dies; UK medics cleared of wrongdoing

- 10/06/2015

BRISTOL, England — An obese woman died after she became ill at home and paramedics couldn’t carry her to the ambulance. Bridgette Witcombe’s family claims paramedics could ...

Reality Training: Responders watch as bystander makes water rescue

- 10/05/2015

Incident Date: July 2015 Department: Reno police, REMSA, and Reno Fire Department What happened: A smartphone video shows a man, apparently in distress and possibly intoxicated, on a rock ...

Clinical solution: 50-year-old female with nausea and vomiting

- 09/25/2015

Abdominal pain can be a particularly difficult presentation for EMS providers to assess and diagnose. Causes of abdominal pain in patient’s activating the 911 system can range from simple ...

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