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Patient assessment Search Results


Quiz: Test your knowledge of cardiac emergencies

- 07/01/2015

Chest pain is a frequent patient complaint, but not all chest pain is due to a cardiac emergency. As an EMS provider understanding the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac and respiratory systems, ...

Remember 2 Things: Better manage geriatric bleeding

- 07/01/2015

Steve Whitehead reminds us that elderly patients already have weakened compensatory functions to overcome bleeding, which may be further weakened by medications they are taking. After watching ...

Broadening the approach to pediatric assessment

- 06/30/2015

EMT and paramedic curriculum covering pediatric assessment has historically focused on the pediatric assessment triangle (PAT), strategies for approaching different age groups, and pediatric ...

Clinical solution: A 27-year-old with abdominal pain

- 06/29/2015

This article is the second in an on-going series of columns about abdominal pain. The patient in the first article complained of right lower quadrant pain. Abdominal pain is the most common ...

Clinical scenario: A 27-year-old with abdominal pain

- 06/29/2015

“Medic 2901, respond Priority Two to 417 North Park Ave., apartment 33 for a 27-year old-female complaining of abdominal pain. The patient reports vaginal bleeding as well.” After ...

Reality Training: Patient is weak and dizzy

- 06/29/2015

This patient’s capnography waveform is normally shaped, but the ETCO2 level is well-below normal. The ECG has abnormalities associated with hyperkalemia. Interventions for this patient should ...

Reality Training: Patient is weak and dizzy

- 06/29/2015

The incident: Patient is weak and dizzy What happened: You are called for a 60-year-old that is “weak and dizzy” and may have passed out. You and your partner find the patient ...

When time is of the essence: Recognizing and treating anaphylaxis

- 06/26/2015

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction to specific triggers such as foods, medications, insect venom, or latex. As many as 40.9 million people in the United States suffer from severe ...

How to assess a patient with altered mental status

- 06/24/2015

This five minute video gives an overview of how to use AEIOUTIPS to assess a patient with altered mental status

4 steps to prepare for prehospital antibiotic administration

- 06/19/2015

By Kevin T. Collopy As prehospital medicine transitions from an industry of “rapid transport,” to that of delivering evidence-based medicine that improves patient outcomes, the ...

Remember 2 Things: Deciding when an asthma patient needs advanced care

- 06/10/2015

Steve Whitehead identifies two clinical factors that indicate an asthma patient requires advanced treatment. After watching Whitehead read more about status asthmaticus and pediatric wheezing. ...

EMS1 Poll Results: How do you assess and treat stroke?

- 05/28/2015

Stroke is a medical emergency EMS providers frequently encounter and during May, Stroke Awareness Month, we asked EMS1 readers how they assess and treat stroke. Among the results the approval ...

Remember 2 Things: How to assess an electrocuted patient

- 05/26/2015

Steve Whitehead reminds us how to assess the areas of the body that the electrical current passed through, and burns that look minor may actually be critical. For two more burn patient tips ...

Dr. Oz helps helps woman who fainted at the mall

- 05/22/2015

The television host and physician rushed to help a woman when she collapsed during a promotional event at a Fla. mall

Dr. Oz helps helps woman who fainted at the mall

- 05/22/2015

Associated Press JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Celebrity doctor and television host Dr. Mehmet Oz reportedly rushed into a crowd to help a woman at a promotional event in Jacksonville. Local ...

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