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Clinical scenario: Dispatched for a sick teenager

- 12/17/2014

The tones at your station sound while you and your partner are checking out your vehicle in the morning. As you come up on the air and go en-route, dispatch provides the following update: “Rescue ...

Ohio EMS handles Ebola scare well

- 11/24/2014

By Misti Crane The Columbus Dispatch COLUMBUS, Ohio — Yesterday’s Ebola scare — which ended with a flu diagnosis for two young North Side sisters — left those charged ...

Girl dead of meningitis, medic smoked instead of calling ambulance

- 11/12/2014

DERSINGHAM, U.K. — A girl died of meningitis after a medic took 41 minutes to call an ambulance, smoking a cigarette as her condition worsened. Stephanie Bussey, 13, collapsed at home ...

Clinical scenario: College student found unresponsive

- 11/11/2014

After clearing the hospital following a transfer, you are advised by dispatch to respond Priority 1 to the local university campus for a report of a male who was found unresponsive in the library. While ...

Slideshow: A day in the life of an air ambulance crew

- 11/09/2014

By John A. Harris EMS1 Contributor From patient transfers to vehicle crashes, from weather disasters to industrial accidents, never knowing what each day will bring is one of the lures of ...

Ga. EMT honored for response to man struck by lightning

- 10/20/2014

By Jim West The Albany Herald ALBANY, Ga. — The Exchange Club of Albany recently honored two members of the community’s public safety community, each credited with helping to ...

Medic discusses blood analysis on board helicopter

- 10/14/2014

A supervisor from Indiana University’s Health LifeLine highlights features of their Eurocopter 145

Patient killed after bolting from ambulance into traffic

- 10/08/2014

The Associated Press SAN ANTONIO — A patient who fled from a San Antonio psychiatric hospital as medical officials were trying to load him into an ambulance has been killed when he ran ...

How EMS can change its approach to acute coronary syndromes

- 10/02/2014

One of the primary reasons for the development of modern prehospital care was the need to deliver prompt emergency care to patients who experienced sudden cardiac conditions such as myocardial ...

Remember 2 Things: When to give patients control, and when to take charge

- 06/26/2014

The next time you’re in a disagreement with a patient it can ease their anxiety if they have the authority to take control, but if you have that control then be sure to take charge

Expert: N.J. 'best destination' for brain dead patients

- 06/22/2014

By David DeBolt Contra Costa Times NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — If Jahi McMath is in fact at a New Jersey hospital, as one TV news station reported this week, the 13-year-old Oakland girl ...

Expert: New Jersey 'best destination' for brain dead patients

- 06/20/2014

New Jersey is the only state with a law requiring hospitals to accommodate brain dead patients who belong to a religion that does not accept the diagnosis as a final verdict for death

An open letter to a medic who hesitated

- 06/19/2014

I knew what you wanted to talk about when I saw your number on my caller ID. I’d heard about your call, of course. Grapevines being what they are, I declined to offer my opinion until ...

Woman’s selfie video of stroke proves symptoms to doctors

- 06/18/2014

Doctors said her symptoms were stress related, until she returned with a recording of herself describing the numbness and slurred speech as it was happening

Woman’s selfie video of stroke proves symptoms to doctors

- 06/18/2014

TORONTO — Stacey Yepes, 49, was watching TV when all of a sudden she lost feeling in her entire left side and her speech became slurred for about 10 minutes. She decided to go to the ...

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