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Hip dislocation assessment and treatment

- 02/12/2016

A 5-minute review of MOIs, assessment and emergency department treatment of this musculoskeletal injury. For EMS providers remember to stabilize the injury, prevent movement during transport, ...

4 ways EMS chiefs can communicate with foreign-language speaking public

- 02/11/2016

By Christopher Divver On Aug. 11, 2000 President Clinton signed Executive Order 13166, "Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency." The order coupled ...

EMS training: Make the most of every opportunity

- 02/11/2016

A few months ago, I attended some refresher training on the video laryngoscope that had recently been added to our department's protocols. Apparently a review of the PCR data showed that ...

Remain calm: Assessing and treating panic attacks

- 02/11/2016

Some patient encounters are keepers; other experiences need to be forgotten. Overcoming past calls is one of those skills that nobody teaches you in EMT school. Exorcising the demons that ...

Remember 2 Things: Understand impact of kinetic energy on MOI

- 02/10/2016

Mechanism of injury, even though its not as important to injury prediction as once believed, is still important for EMS providers to understand. In this episode review the importance of understanding ...

Remember 2 Things: Anaphylaxis and lower airway assessment

- 02/10/2016

Anaphylaxis is a difficult patient presentation. Review two important assessments for lower airway compromise caused by an allergic reaction. Auscultate the patient's lungs for wheezes, starting ...

Rescue task force: training and implementation steps from an urban fire department

- 02/09/2016

The rescue task force places paramedics in the warm zone during an active shooter under cover and escorted by police officers. Working in the warm zone allows paramedics to begin life-saving ...

Infant declared dead wakes up before cremation

- 02/09/2016

PAN’AN, China — A baby boy who was declared dead showed signs of life as he was about to be cremated. The infant was declared dead the day before and spent the night in the morgue ...

Un-bias your brain to improve patient care

- 02/06/2016

By Benjamin Dowdy Although much of our initial EMS training is focused on skills and learning didactic information about various illnesses and injuries, we quickly learn that critical thinking ...

2 DC firefighters reassigned for missing patient's gunshot wound

- 02/05/2016

WASHINGTON — Two D.C. Fire and EMS firefighters were reassigned for failing to diagnose a gunshot wound on a patient they had treated and transported to a hospital Saturday. The Washington ...

Expert tips for EMS handling of behavioral emergencies

- 02/04/2016

EMS response to a known or suspected behavioral emergency requires a high level of situational awareness, cautious yet deliberate assessment and treatment actions, and coordinate response among ...

The first time I saw a patient exhale her last breath

- 02/04/2016

By Kevin Hazzard I did nothing to save the first person who died in front of me. I simply stood watch and let her go. She was old and white and wasting away in a nursing home. Her death was ...

'Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias' app for patient assessment available for Android

- 02/03/2016

The app "Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias" from Abe Balsamo & Co., previously only for iPhones, is now available for Androids. The app aids in the diagnosis of common and uncommon ...

Top 5 EMS videos of January 2016

- 02/02/2016

A video showing how to cannulate the external jugular vein and a training video about chemical suicide response were among this month's top videos. Remember 2 Things: When to use a nasopharyngeal ...

Paramedic develops app to assist in crisis care

- 02/01/2016

By Jennifer Rios Broomfield Enterprise BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Minutes count in the time between ambulance sirens sound and when patients are wheeled into emergency rooms — a maxim ...

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