12 onboarding strategies for new hires with Maria Beermann-Foat

In this episode, our co-hosts are joined by Maria Beermann-Foat to discuss how agencies can start the retention process in the first 90 days of a new hire

The cost of replacing a medic, both financially and in time invested, is steep. Finding and hiring promising candidates is only one piece of the staffing puzzle. In an EMS1 Special Coverage Series, "Year One: Creating a career path for new EMTs," learn how to onboard team members to set them up for long-term success, through the first 90 days, the first 6 months and beyond. 

In this episode of Inside EMS, co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson are joined by Maria Beermann-Foat to discuss her recent article, "The first 90 days: 12 strategies for laying a foundation for a rewarding career while onboarding new employees," part of EMS1's special coverage package, "Year one: Creating a career path for new EMTs."

The conversation covers Beermann-Foat's 12 strategies, as well as tips for how to make the best impression possible on new employees over the first 90 days and a discussion on how this strategy assists with developing a strong employee culture. 

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