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Wound Care

Put your trauma care knowledge to the test on trauma terminology and assessment
Conquer stressful calls, identify treatment challenges and pitfalls, and use technology to its best potential to save lives this summer and beyond
When the conditions are ripe, the distinction between intoxication and a diabetic emergency can easily be blurred
The training ended with an exercise involving mock shooting victims, allowing medics to refine skills such as wound packing
The “bleeding control stations” would contain tourniquets, among other life-saving items, and include instructions on preventing blood loss
A medical professional and a former boy scout applied pressure to Ralph Yarl’s wounds, checked his pulse and kept him company
Firefighters at Roseville Fire Department Station 5 heard gunfire and brought a wounded highway patrol officer into the station
After being transported to a hospital, tech executive Bob Lee died
Head-to-toe guidance for improving trauma outcomes
Animal bites and envenomations pose some interesting challenges to EMS providers
Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt said crewmembers will support EMS and police while gaining trauma experience that may help in an MCI
Honolulu EMS and AMR crewmembers transported 20 patients; 11 were in serious condition
“For person after person, it was the firefighters over and over again trying to be helpful in some way,” Second Assistant Chief Rob Sibley recalls of members’ support for the community
Rowan County EMS treated the three wounded first responders on site
Palestine FD members provided aid immediately, and the firefighter was transported to a medical center in stable condition, the police chief said