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Volunteer/Rural EMS

The volunteer/rural EMS topic features an array of resources to help volunteer and rural first responders to hone their skills, identify grant funding and training opportunities, growing membership and bridging the gap between patients and definitive care through technology advancements, like telemedicine, and models like treat in place.

How a hybrid paid/volunteer emergency service model can provide the best care
The state-of-the industry survey focuses on wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
“As a volunteer agency, I want to make sure when someone calls 911 in our district, that our ambulances are ready to roll out the door when the tones go off.”
Scotia-Glenville Central School District officials approved the break on property tax to help with recruitment, retention
Members of the Lexington County Ambulance Response Solutions group encourage residents to work on improving EMS
Moscow officials are considering several options to increase paramedic staffing as volunteers face an increasing call volume
Six bills focused on helping EMS in the state include proposals on tax funding, reimbursement and a tax credit for volunteers
Doctors had told the hunter’s family that he may not walk again
First responders can search for providers by by location, areas of expertise, accepted insurance, licensure and telehealth
The new Westport EMS ambulance won’t arrive until 2025 due to supply chain issues related to the pandemic
Western University of Health Sciences students reviewed, funding, staffing, and an aging rural population
Help us identify the factors impacting wellness, career development and satisfaction in EMS
The Emergency Medical Service Task Force will look at funding and staffing across the state, as well as increased response times
Funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is to help EMS support residents in rural communities
The Beaver County Search and Rescue team hiked 45 minutes in the dark to reach the mine
First responders and technical rescue crews north of Concho worked to recover the rider and their vehicle
Rural medics who rescued the rancher didn’t have much experience handling severe wounds, but a doctor was able to help via video inside the ambulance
A vacuum truck was used to help rescue a man almost completely buried in corn inside the Henryville grain bin
If passed, the bill would establish a pilot grant program for EMS preparedness and workforce retention, allocating 20% of the grants to rural EMS agencies
The City of Palmview will pay the county $10 a month for the use of the ambulance, which will be added to three already in the city’s inventory
Volunteers across the state continue to answer calls and work on recruitment
Chester County commissioners approved a property tax rebate for members of fire and EMS departments
Lancaster County commissioners hope municipalities do the same to support first responders
Buchanan County first responders conducted a search after the farmer’s wife was unable to find him
Mercer County officials are challenged to find a service before the contract expires at the end of the year
Quick Response Unit volunteers work on recruitment as call volume increases
Our cohosts discuss EMS funding, volunteerism and what’s needed to make way for growth
Erie County has purchased five ambulances to backup existing services in five towns
Aviators worked with local first responders in two daring rescues inside Box Elder Canyon