Celebrating EMS Week – Day 3: EMS Safety

Tuesday’s theme aims to foster a culture of safety, collaboration and preparedness within the EMS industry and in local communities

We’ve made it to Day 3! Tuesday's theme revolves around EMS safety, emphasizing the importance of both first responder safety and citizen safety training.

The nature of EMS work involves responding to unpredictable and high-stress situations, making safety a top priority for both EMS personnel and the public they serve. EMS Week provides an ideal opportunity to amplify the importance of EMS safety and create a collective impact in promoting a safer environment for everyone.

Check out our “EMS Week – Day 3” video, as well as EMS1 resources for today’s theme. Whether you're an EMS professional, a concerned citizen or a public safety enthusiast, this collection of resources will serve as a valuable tool to enhance your understanding of EMS safety and inspire proactive engagement in emergency preparedness.

EMS Provider Safety

The safety of EMS personnel is paramount to ensuring the effective delivery of emergency medical care. Providers are vulnerable to dangers on the road, on the incident scene and after the call is finished. Are you taking steps to protect yourself?

Scene safety

Violence on scene

Citizen safety

Empowering citizens with basic lifesaving skills and knowledge can make a significant difference in emergency situations. These resources focus on educating the public on fundamental safety practices and actions responders can take to support these communities.



Community risk reduction

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