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Train Crash

A passenger from the Missouri Amtrak derailment shares details of the response involving nearly 20 local and state agencies
Video from Hoboken commuter train crash showcases best practices for staging ambulances at a mass casualty incident
What are the immediate hazard assessment and incident management tasks for the EMS crew that witnesses this incident?
One car from the train derailed during the collision near Keenesburg
Several patients were transported to hospitals after the two front cars of the train derailed outside of Orinda
A Portland streetcar driver and passenger were injured in a collision with a light rail train
First responders in Cincinnati had difficulty reaching the SUV after it had been pushed past the crossing
A tractor-trailer driver was killed after a train carrying coal derailed and fell onto a highway near Pueblo
The train’s engineer and a motorist flashed warnings and honked before the SUV into the train’s path
Approximately 100 riders were on the train when it derailed near the Jamaica, Queens station
3 cars of a 7-car Amtrak train derailed after colliding with a truck in Ventura County
Federal regulators propose every railroad, nearly 600, push out details on chemicals carried to every first responder near a derailment
Five people were transported to hospitals, while others walked to get medical help after the commuter train crash
A fund created by the measure would give first responders financial resources to replace equipment, pay workers overtime and address other urgent costs
Several passengers were trapped inside the train after the incident; providers transported six Silver Dollar City visitors and one employee