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Understanding the sequelae of traumatic asphyxia, strangulation and positional asphyxia
EMS providers know positional asphyxiation can kill, and have a professional and moral obligation to object to it
Rockford dispatchers were taught to catch the signs early to notify EMS providers and police
Family members say the boy’s twin brother tried to resuscitate him before the ambulance crew arrived
Family members of the boy warned about the social media challenge that dares participants to choke themselves unconscious
The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has classified Floyd’s death as a homicide, although it differs from the independent autopsy on the exact cause
Authorities suspect Kenny Ray Jr. died from suffocation after a nitrogen leak dramatically lowered oxygen levels in the area he was working
The family believes the girl may have tried to suck the helium out of the Mylar balloon
Chelsea Patricia Ake-Salvacion, 24, died accidentally from the asphyxia caused by low oxygen levels
People tried to dig her out but the sand kept collapsing; police and then medics performed CPR once she was pulled free