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Utah search and rescue team saves man trapped in abandoned mine

The Beaver County Search and Rescue team hiked 45 minutes in the dark to reach the mine

By Brooke Baitinger
The Charlotte Observer

BEAVER COUNTY, Utah — A man was rescued from an abandoned mine where he was trapped on a remote Utah mountainside, rescuers said.

A Beaver County Search and Rescue team drove out to the location and then trekked 45 minutes in the dark to get to the trapped man on the east side of the Mineral Mountains on Saturday, Dec. 16, officials said in a Dec. 18 Facebook post.

The team set up a medical and support base at the bottom of the hill before ascending up to the mine, officials said. Photos show the rigging system they set up, and the team climbed down to the trapped man to help set him up.

A photo also shows the view from within the dark mine. Rescuers’ headlamps and other lighting can be seen filtering down into the mine.

The trapped man was not hurt when the team reached him, officials said. They pulled him from the mine, evaluated him and released him.

Officials didn’t provide details about how the sheriff’s office found out he was trapped or what he was doing in the abandoned mine.

Mineral Mountains is in southern Utah, about 230 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

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