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Knowledge of roads, vehicles, drivers are critical to safe arrival at emergency
While first responders were helping victims of a crash, another vehicle hit the ambulance with so much force that it knocked it over, MEDIC said
Firefighters needed to break the ambulance windshield to free the two American Medical Response EMTs
The ambulance was carrying a patient with lights and sirens activated at the time of the crash
Acadian Paramedic Heather Waites and EMT Ryan Wilkenfeld were recently awarded for their actions after witnessing the crash
The crash occurred outside the patient’s house during a visit through the county’s community paramedicine program
The crewmember who was driving the ambulance and two others in the rig were transported
Firefighters and EMS providers from the Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 106 described the extrication process and lessons learned
Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby said Woods was trapped in the car, and fire crews got him out of the car using a tool for prying and an axe
Dallas, N.C. Rescue Squad officials said the ambulance is likely a total loss after being flipped in the crash
Three Armstrong Ambulance EMTs were among those injured in the two-vehicle crash
The Deming Fire Department ambulance was rolled over onto its side in the crash
The providers needed help escaping the vehicle and were later transported to the hospital with minor injuries
Three Forest Park EMTs and a critical patient were injured when another vehicle rear-ended the rig
The rig was not responding to an emergency when it struck the SUV carrying two adults and an infant, officials said
Two EMS providers, as well as the patient inside and the driver of the other vehicle, were treated with non-life-threatening injuries and transported to the hospital
Police are investigating an ambulance crash that left four people injured, including two paramedics
The ambulance had its emergency lights and sirens running when it was struck by another car while crossing an intersection
Counties are required to have two dispatchers on duty at all times or have an agreement in place to answer possible rollover calls
Witnesses said the ambulance rear-ended a vehicle waiting to turn
Brian Desormeaux suffered eight broken ribs, a broken right shoulder blade, vertebrae fractures, lumbar spinous process fractures and also suffered a small pneumothorax
Two paramedics were injured and a female passenger in a truck suffered a broken leg; no patients were on board
An EMT suffered serious injuries and another was treated and released with minor injuries
The ambulance lost control and rolled down a steep embankment; the toddler was not strapped in and is in intensive care
A truck failed to yield to the ambulance running lights and sirens