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DFR provides considerable promise for increased safety, reduced response times and improved de-escalation capabilities for public safety agencies
Stock up on these bleeding control products and be ready to respond to emergency trauma both on and off duty
Regularly reviewing and practicing MCI skills will make sure EMS personnel are ready to act when a major incident happens
Discover how this automated tourniquet could help stop blood loss in critical situations
Download this EMS1 airway management devices buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
New insight into the latest technology
Shelby County’s initiative for trauma patients will have whole blood available in four locations
5.11 Tactical, Bass Pro Shops, Garmin, Black Rifle Coffee, DJI and others offering discounts during National EMS Week
Breaking down some light-hearted and professionally-serious tips to start and build a successful career in EMS
SAM Medical will continue its focus on developing high-quality medical devices and solutions for emergency responders
The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office flew the drone to a simulated emergency and dropped the AED to the 911 caller
From painter’s tape to a post-project wash box, stock up on these DIY essentials
A special “thank you” to all the mothers who double as first responders
A lack of accurate data tracking led LogRX CEO and Founder Clive Savacool to redefine what pharmacology accountability looks like for street-level medics
EMS Products
The guide is a reference tool for emergency managers and first responders interested in learning about the products, services and capabilities available with FirstNet, the nationwide public safety broadband network
Take charge of your health with these helpful kitchen tools for better nutrition
Generative AI with Vision will be essential to the future of emergency medicine
Eight choices for any budget to protect your property from the elements and reduce your heating and cooling bill
Colorado Springs paramedics are training on using whole blood in the field
EMS Products
The program will deploy 911-integrated drones, equipped with AEDs, naloxone and tourniquets to assist in emergencies such as cardiac arrests, opioid overdoses and trauma incidents
Take control of the situation and establish command as soon as possible to start triaging and transporting patients
EMS Products
Find everything from firefighting drones, to decon wipes and tactical training kits
The exhibit hall features thousands of products and services for fire departments and EMS agencies
Members of Medic 27, Engine 10 and EMS 2 were the first to use whole blood on a patient since the program started
South Bend Fire Department is one of three in the state now carrying whole blood
From innovative stoves to music and lighting for ambience, here’s your ultimate guide to a memorable campfire gathering
The device features a 360-degree camera that uses artificial intelligence to detect people and objects within a defined range and warn drivers of a possible collision
The new models allow for tools to be suspended further away from the mounting surface
Through Project Pink, Life-Assist showcases a path of meaningful engagement in the fight against breast cancer