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Product Brief

Caregiver thermometer can be used for measurement of forehead temperature without contact
CrewCare was designed to help responders gain insight into what’s causing their anxiety, burnout, depression, PTSD or thoughts of suicide
The Inscope Direct is a disposable laryngoscope that gives clinicians a clear view of the airway
The BD MiniDraw™ Capillary Blood Collection System enables lab-quality testing in convenient locations for patients, such as local pharmacies
The manufacturer announced it would feature rigs built for Bell Ambulance and Amerimed EMS at the conference
Flight 60 is a turbine-driven ventilator developed by Israeli manufacturer Flight Medical
Company representatives will be demonstrating several products on the exhibit floor, and will be on hand for the duration of the conference to answer any questions
The virtual reality simulation training, designed specifically for first responders, launches in November 2019
The Crestline CCL 150 model line is now available in the U.S. following a 2018 merger between Demers Ambulances and Crestline Coach
When a live connection is initiated, the receiver will open a secure link via email or text message, which provides two-way audio and visual images
The Chicago Police Department is the first owner of The HERODrag System, a victim immobilizing rescue system designed for quick, easy deployment and stabilization
The online training is designed to educate EMS and healthcare providers on issues facing the transgender community and how to adequately care for individuals
Designed to fit over the back wheel of a bicycle, the bag is able to safely store medical equipment, including an oxygen cylinder
From custom colors to anti-theft systems and additional patient transport options, EMS Today attendees will find four Braun ambulance demos to explore
The new function will allow employees to record unplanned shifts, holdovers, shift variances, shift adjustments and unscheduled overtime