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Plane Crash

One person was injured after a plane crashed through a fence at an airport in McKinney
A Jet Rescue air ambulance went down in a wooded area south of Mexico City
The midair collision near Salt Lake County Flight Park left the paraglider passenger in critical condition
The Ogdensburg International Airport was the location for training a simulated plane crash and fire
Details released on the bizarre 911 calls for a Marine injured after ejecting from his F-35 over North Charleston
The plane crashed and caught fire after taking off from Liberty Landing Airport near Missouri City
Quad-Cities International Airport was the site of a plane crash and fire with multiple patients
Fire and EMS personnel in Spartanburg County rescued two people in plane crash
The pilot had been practicing landings and takeoffs at the Long Beach Airport where the crash occurred
Heartland Fire Capt. Sonny Saghera said it looked like the pilot found a small space to avoid hitting the church and houses
The preliminary report did not include a probable cause for the Nevada crash that killed all five people aboard
11 people have died on planes owned and operated by Guardian Flight