Photo of the Week: Ariz. firefighters working to become paramedics

The Chandler Fire Department takes pride in having its firefighters trained and certified as EMTs and medics

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By EMS1 Staff

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Although many firefighters do not become paramedics, as Captain Ben Thompson has explained, 13 members of the Chandler Fire Department took a written entry exam for paramedic school on Monday.

The written test is only part of the process to become a paramedic, a Facebook post from the fire department explained.

The post expressed pride.

“Having paramedics in our department is an important asset for many different reasons. First, every Chandler fire truck is staffed with 4 firefighters; 2 EMTs and 2 Paramedics (regardless of rank), to better serve the community. Secondly, the Chandler Fire Department takes pride in staffing our ambulances with a Chandler firefighter paramedic to keep the continuity of care when transporting patients to the hospital. Good luck to all testing!”

Photo/Chandler Fire Department


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