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Knowing how xylazine presents clinically, as well as how it impacts overdose management is important for any provider responding to illicit drug overdoses
Before you watch the film inspired on true events learn how cocaine toxicity really presents in humans
Not every ingestion is an overdose, and not every drug is taken in isolation
Drug use, violence and fires are highlighted as cities sweep camps and struggle with housing solutions
Eight patients were treated with naloxone after fire and EMS personnel were called to the North Park Blocks in Portland
Five Portland children have died due to suspected fentanyl exposure since June
The Justice Department is sending out over $3M to support mentoring for at-risk young people and increase access to naloxone.
The pilot program that launched Health 99 has seen patients overdosing multiple times due to a lack of treatment options
The number of people who died of overdoses in Denver public spaces more than tripled between 2018 and 2022, data shows
Three other children exhibited symptoms of opioid intoxication and were treated with Narcan by first responders on scene
First responders were called to the daycare on reports of three unconscious children
Increase in public deaths leaves individuals to consider carrying naloxone and businesses training employees on how to respond to overdoses
King County fentanyl deaths stand at 704 with four month left compared to 712 in 2022
The opioid overdose-reversing drug is expected to be available at pharmacies nationally and online
Experts in Yakima County say the number of fentanyl users and the amount of pills consumed are increasing