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The opioid epidemic is an ongoing public health emergency that stresses EMS system resources and challenges EMS providers, especially in hard-hit areas. The EMS1 opioids topic includes a variety of news, information, videos and analysis about the growing epidemic of opioid addiction and how it’s impacting EMS agencies, personnel and leaders around the world.

    Real-world data of high-dose naloxone administration by law enforcement officers found no added benefit to opioid overdose patients
    Dr. Jerry Snow shares xylazine pharmacology, treatment tips and high-dose naloxone implications
    Focusing on observed behavior will help protect both the individuals needing assistance and the officers responding to the situation
    Portland’s Crisis & Sobering Center falls victim to city, county conflicts, funding competition and debate on behavioral health priorities
    Study found the 8-milligram naloxone spray did not provide added benefit but did cause vomiting, more side effects
    Coroner’s staff arrived after the Springfield Township paramedics left the scene and found the woman trying to breathe
    Public drug use leads to some lawmakers wanting to recriminalize small possession amounts
    MATTERS has installed 13 machines so far an plans to install 15 more
    Over $40M was given to cities, towns but only 5% was spent at the end of the fiscal year
    Paramedic in Coveralls Using Tablet Computer to Check the Diagnosis for the Injured Patient on the Way to Hospital. Emergency Medical Care Assistants Puts a Ventilation Mask in an Ambulance.
    COVID-19 pandemic increased substance use, burnout among first responders, study finds
    The study investigated how burnout influenced the relationships between work stress, workplace support measures, COVID-specific assistance strategies and potentially harmful substance use
    A surge in fentanyl deaths has become a top legislative issue in both states to
    The report showed that fentanyl was found in 93% of all opioid-related overdose deaths
    Gov. Inslee’s administration is also looking at state regulations to allow paramedics to administer initial opioid disorder treatment doses to overdose victims
    Chief David Lewis and Kyle Gaines join the podcast to discuss a successful MIH initiative getting patients to treatment counselors