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Ensuring equitable treatment for all communities begins with understanding how unintentional racism can produce racist outcomes in EMS
Paramedic and ACLS instructor Jay Van Zeeland summarizes the ACLS protocols
Jon Lee joins the podcast to discuss following the evidence and pharmacology research insights
Centerton Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Brown stated he administered the drug to a patient after the fire chief noticed a 10 mg vial was missing
A Monroe County Fire Rescue paramedic is accused of tampering with evidence and official misconduct
Lynda Jayne Rusinowski was charged with two counts of grand theft of a controlled substance, two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and two counts of official misconduct
Comparing the efficacy of analgesics to reduce acute pain in the prehospital setting
Fentanyl, morphine and ketamine were taken from a Sumner County ambulance and replaced with saline
A paramedic was charged with embezzlement after it was discovered he allegedly stole a vial of a controlled substance from an ambulance that was not in use
Edward Augustus Blake, 44, a Eugene Springfield Fire Department paramedic, allegedly obtained controlled substances illegally through his position and administered them via IV to victims
The Suwannee County Fire Rescue paramedic has been charged with controlled substance possession and grand theft
Officials say the EMT who was fired and prosecuted for stealing drugs from an ambulance returned Tuesday to break into another ambulance
Paramedic-EMT Michael Shane Hambrick stole the morphine, replaced it with liquid and reattached the tube using superglue
Eric Stanke, 34, was arraigned for charges that include possession of a controlled substance and two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud
Jackson County EMS’s cardiac arrest and STEMI protocols demonstrate how leadership and front-line crews can come together to save lives
Treat acute cardiac syndrome patients with the appropriate order of operations, and consider when traditional treatments may be contraindicated
Colby W. VanWagoner admitted in his plea to tampering with vials of morphine sulfate, replacing the morphine with saline solution
New protocol virtually did away with pain pumps, devices that allow patients to dose themselves with morphine after surgery
Colby VanWagoner pleaded guilty to stealing vials of morphine from ambulances and replacing them with watered-down solutions
Michael L. Fostich admitted that he removed vials of morphine and fentanyl from locked safes on ambulances throughout 2016
Katherine Phillips and her boyfriend allegedly broke into First Call Ambulance Service and stole numerous medications
Michael Fostich reportedly admitted to being responsible for the use of 806 fentanyl doses and 636 morphine doses
The supply on hand in the last week of January would typically last only a week, but they are taking measures to stretch the inventory for a couple of months
Randy Lee Davidson was arrested for allegedly stealing doses of fentanyl and morphine and attempting to cover up the activity
A grand jury handed down indictments against Dustin Hazlewood for illegally obtaining fentanyl and morphine
The 40-year-old was arrested after admitting to co-workers he had stolen drugs for personal use over a period of time