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Medic Mindset Podcast: Mental health with Tania Glenn

First responder-psychologist, Dr. Tania Glenn, discusses investing in paramedics’ mental health and her documentary; ‘First Responder Resilience; Smashing the Stigma’


Since first responder-psychologist Dr. Tania Glenn first appeared on The Medic Mindset Podcast in 2017, host Ginger Locke has received several questions from listeners. She invited Glenn back to answer those questions and to discuss a documentary she recently released; First Responder Resilience; Smashing the Stigma.

First Responder Resilience documentary

Locke and Glenn discuss:

  • How, in her documentary, Glenn challenges leaders of EMS departments to better invest in the care of paramedics’ mental health
  • How she works with dispatchers to process traumatic audio memories
  • Why she models her practice after Southwest Airlines
  • Which cuss word she finds the most versatile

Tania Glenn; back again

The Medic Mindset podcast is created and hosted by Ginger Locke, BA, NRP. As an associate professor of EMS Professions at Austin (TX) Community College, she has immersed herself in the art and science of how medics think and perform. In interviews with medics and subject-matter experts, she thoughtfully explores the inner-workings of the minds of medics. Prior to becoming a paramedic, she studied social psychology at the University of Georgia and the University of Leicester, UK. Her professional endeavors revolve around the conviction that the most important and complicated tool in EMS in the brain of the medic.