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Medication Shortage

Be more proactive in your processes and maintain high-level standards of care
Pharmaceutical shortages are an ongoing challenge for EMS providers, but agencies can take proactive steps to address the issue
EMS staff in Enfield pressed their need for a proper facility with adequate bathrooms, changing rooms and space for ambulances
To conserve supplies while providing patient relief, a pulmonary expert suggests using a spacer device connected to an inhaler instead of a nebulizer
Harold Jaesson Perez is the second Monroe County Fire Rescue Trauma Star program paramedic to be arrested
Lynda Jayne Rusinowski was charged with two counts of grand theft of a controlled substance, two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and two counts of official misconduct
The doctor hopes the invention will help alleviate medical supply shortages caused by an eight-year blockade on the Gaza Strip
The situation has caused the state Department of Health to issue a standing policy under which ambulance companies can seek to use expired emergency medications during a critical shortage